Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness

A heavy fog had started to roll in before we turned in for the night, and by morning light it was difficult to see beyond a few yards.
I watched as the dewy blanket fell to the ground, illuminated by the porch lights, how can something be so treacherous, and yet so magical ?

The day has warmed to a balmy 76 degrees, and out of the blue, an invasion of Ladybugs ( Ladybirds for my readers across the pond), have emerged.
Literally hundreds of them.
I have a suspicion the State beetle just wanted to show off their Halloween costumes.


Yvonne said...

Love the fog. It's when one can see all the hundreds of dew lined spider webs that one didn't know existed. So beautiful.

Nellie said...

Jo, are you sure they are Ladybugs? We have been swarmed by something that resembles Ladybugs this afternoon, but upon closer look, we do not think that is what they are. We think they may be that invader that is pretending to be a Ladybug, but that is harmful.

Richard Lawry said...

It has been a bit foggy here in
Western Arkansas today. We are under a flood watch for tomorrow.
An Arkie's Musings

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Nellie, it just could be those pesky Asian imposters, they are everywhere !

donna baker said...

I love that when the ladybugs congregate for over wintering. One of the only spankings my son ever got was when I showed him and his cousin all the ladybugs on the side of the garage. When I went back out later on, there were smashed ladybugs all over the wall. I made him bend over and smacked his butt. Not too hard though. He got the picture.

Kathy said...

Such a beautiful picture. Fog is so lovely if you aren't driving.

Margaret said...

Jo, thanks so much for the nice comments you left on my blog. You have a top-notch blog! So many of my "followers" comment to me how much they enjoy reading it.

L. D. said...

We too have been having the fog. It looks kind of a Halloween season as the leaves drip water and the dark gray day seems scary. Great photo that you are sharing.