Thursday, September 5, 2013

Late Summer Meadows

The wildflowers continue to share their beauty, even as Summer's end is drawing near.
Cool nights and mist-filled mornings have finally prevailed.
And so as we transition into the gentler days of Autumn I share with you the last few flowers of our summer meadows.........
Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium purpureum, is an amazing plant that is an herb, a wildflower, a butterfly plant and an ornamental for the flower bed.
It obtained its name after a Native American herbalist, named Joe-Pye, cured fevers using the Eupatorium plant.
Though we tend to think of it as a wildflower in the U.S., it's long been an ornamental plant in England where our cottage gardens are so popular.

I enjoy gathering the flowers, stems and all, to hang from the rafters of my potting shed. Surprisingly enough they stay vividly colored until late Winter.
The Wild Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium, also known as Milfoil, Soldiers woundwort, Nose Bleed Weed, Sanguinary, and Devil’s Nettle is a very useful medicinal herb.

Yarrow has also been used as a food, and was very popular as a vegetable in the seventeenth century.
The younger leaves are said to be a pleasant leaf vegetable when cooked as spinach, or in a soup.
Yarrow is sweet with a slight bitter taste. The leaves can also be dried and used as a herb in cooking.

Solidago, commonly called goldenrods, are herbaceous perennial species found in the meadows and pastures, along roads, ditches and waste areas in North America.
Parts of some goldenrods can be edible when cooked, they can also be used for decoration and making tea.

Goldenrods are, in some places, held as a sign of good luck or good fortune.
They are considered weeds by many in North America but they are prized as garden plants in Europe.


rusty duck said...

I have tried growing Eupatorium here, but the slugs love it too!!
Interesting post Jo.

Janneke said...

Your wild flowers are also populating my garden and I love them. As I understand your weather is already cooler. We have one of these rare after summers with temperatures upto 28 degr. C.

The Furry Gnome said...

Interesting info about these three, all of which we have lots of.

Jen said...

Lovely to see and hear about the wildflowers. It is the first few days of Spring here in Australia and out in the west our wildflowers and Wattle are starting to appear everywhere now.

Patsy said...

We don't have as many wild flowers now. To much building going on, in the hay field out back we had butterfly weed growing and the butterfly's were covering it ,then they mowed.

TheChieftess said...

That top shot is lovely!!! Such beautiful flowers...Don't you just love how nature provides such wonderful beauty for every season???

Doc said...

My Joe Pye Weed was beautiful this year, it servived on neglect

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I like the yellow and the angle of taking the photo !