Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring Rain

The world is wet today
luxurious, damp, drenched
drops hug the leaves,
anoint the still budded lilac blossoms
before their blooming
rich purple and plum
made richer by their watery skin
New leaves under the weight
droplets heavy, hanging
bowing the white pine needles
undersides exposed to drink
drink in the morning
hushed in the rain
temperature near the dewpoint
sprouts of just planted flowers
eager from the parched soil
new puddles bloom too
on the ground, the driveway
collect and gather
without the smell of summer rain yet
tears splash and spread
silent shimmers, heralds, messengers
in the spring rain.

~A Spring Rain : Raymond J. Foss


Anonymous said...

I'd follow for the music alone but your blog is a delight. So beautiful.

Dewena said...

That rain picture is so beautiful. Watching it and listening to the music, I can feel my blood pressure calming down. Very nice job.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Jo, we must have been getting the same weather system. It's been raining hard here too. Lovely poem and such a pretty rainy day graphic. Thank you my friend and have a great weekend :)

An English Girl Rambles

Country Gal said...

Oh fantastic vid pic and poem ! Thanks for sharing . Have a safe and good weekend !

rusty duck said...

I never thought I'd say it again, but my garden needs rain!! Tuesday, I think..
Great rain pic Jo!

Jen said...

Thank you for shareing your beautiful photos and lovely poems.

Hilary said...

Love the music.....I know when I took mine off my blog, I was kind of sad, but it seemed that everyone preferred NOT to have the music start up.
I don't know how you did the window with rain, but it's lovely. Made me feel like I just sat down with you for tea.

Janneke said...

Lovely poem again and the living picture of the rain, beautiful. But I am glad we have at last some sunny days here.

Japolina said...

I needed to read this yesterday. We had a flood! Hopefully it will be sunny today!

Willow said...

Ah, ever so lovely here, as always.

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful picture and poem. We're getting a lot of spring rains too..The pop up kind. Hope you have a nice Sunday. xoxo

Terry said...

How did you do that raining window, you clever girl! Love it.

John Going Gently said...

That window is a delight jo

Richard Lawry said...

We have had too much rain recently with flooding a deaths in our area, but everything is so green and beautiful because of the rain.

An Arkies Musings

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great poem--and I agree with what you said on my blog today about the flowers being prettier due to all of the rain. We have had lots and lots of rain --and the yard LOVES it...

Have a beautiful day.