Friday, May 3, 2013

Late Bloomers

Our Irises have finally bloomed.
It seems as though they are always late bloomers, long after most others in the neighborhood have put on their Spring show, ours slowly awaken.

They are from antique Iris stock, handed down from family member, to family member, these particular flowers being over a half a century old.
Tended with love and shared amongst the generations, from great grandmother, to great granddaughter.

The Tennessee State Flower

May your blooms be floriferous and in good form,
Distinctive, with good substance, flare, and airborne,
With standards and falls that endure, never torn.
May you display many buds and blooms sublime,
In graceful proportion on strong stalks each day,
Gently floating above the fans and the fray.
May you too reach toward the moon and stars,
Bloom after bloom, many seasons in the sun,
Enjoying your life, health, and each loved one,
Until your 'living days are artfully done.

~ Georgia Gudykunst


L. D. said...

These are such beautiful buds and blooms. Mine have not put up any stems or buds at this time.

Joy Page Manuel said...

Beautiful! I wish our yard had such colors!

rusty duck said...

Worth waiting for Jo.

Janneke said...

What a beautiful Irises, especially the one on the first two pictures, so nice they are a family heritage and already 50 years old.

Ginny said...

Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing. I think they bloom later because they don't want to show the others up ♥

DJan said...

Our iris are just now coming up, so yours are not late by any means! Fabulous, though, that they are. :-)

Terry said...

Love those purple and white Irises!

Country Gal said...

So pretty ! Ours are about 4 inches above ground and still growing they are late here to ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos ! Have a good day !

Stacy said...

Well worth the wait, right? :) Almost like a visit from your family.

Willow said...

Stunning Jo I love my Irises. Those are spectacular !

Tweedles -- that's me said...

So beautiful flowers.
I saw some growing in the forest- like yours- except smaller. They were called Siberian.,

Gerry Snape said... beautiful! are they penketh? mine are never grand.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We are visiting eastern TN right now, and the blooming Iris's are the first thing I noticed--They are lovely, and mine in VA, have just barely gotten buds.

Bernideen said...

I love them too and always want them to last longer than they do!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful bearded iris and poem.

Nellie said...

Beautiful colors, Jo. Our irises have not begun to bloom at this point.