Friday, February 27, 2009

Awaiting the Arrival of Spring, and a Visit To One of My Favorite Places.

I love OLD !
Old architecture, Old pets, Old timeless dinnerware, Old tried and tested lifestyles....
I've been studiously keeping an eye on the daffodils and iris's, their shoots have been steadily awaking and climbing upwards, out of the warm, moist soil.

Today I witnessed daffodils in bloom, the product of the warmer weather we've been experiencing, although according to the prediction of our local weather forecaster, they may yet be covered by a blanket of heavy frost or snow this weekend.
Makes no difference....

My spirit is stirring from it's Winter nesting place, I'm ready to rendezvous.
What's this to do with OLD you may ask ?
Spring is on the horizon.....and soon one of my most favorite places, will fling wide it's doors, after a long Winter's nap, and invite both pauper and king alike, to enter in, and experience life at a slower, more gentle pace.....It's an OLD friend..
Watermelon Moon Farm
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One of the first places I visit is the Watermelon Moon Farm.

Isn't that a delightful and magical name ?
The antebellum farm house, originally known as The William Washington Seay House, is listed on the National Historic Register, and was built between 1835-1845.
The historic homestead offers the ambiance of an earlier time, remarkable stone masonry, original faux-grain painting, and displays of artistic craftsmanship of a bygone era.

This grand house was built as an exact replica of a Louisiana plantation home, visited and admired by Seay on his frequent visits to New Orleans.
The trips were made to that area by riverboat, and necessitated to sell the tobacco grown on the plantation.

Nationally known artist and designer, Emily Steinberg-Cash, bought the house and surrounding 18 acres in 1991, and named it Watermelon Moon Farm.
Emily, set about making the farm into a thriving , cottage industry.
The summer kitchen was turned into a bed and breakfast, and was a favorite (especially amongst newlyweds).
The first floor houses the Gift Shop, where she sells her original art work, a specialty clothing line of aprons, and jackets, home-made candles, gourmet foods, and home decor items.
The first floor rooms may be reserved for luncheons, teas and showers, and are a favorite with all ages.
Emily and her husband Harold, are outstanding cooks.They seek out the freshest, locally-grown produce, using the local farmers market, and growing most all of the herbs used in their recipes, on the farm.
The second floor of the home, is where the personal living space is provided.

Emily hosts craft and art workshops at her White Barn Studio, which is located on the property.

As you enter the driveway, you are greeted by guineas, friendly roosters, chickens, cats, and especially the Great Pyrenees dogs.

Grazing goats can be seen behind the barn.

The quote, direct from the "Farm's" website....epitomizes the experience.
'The rolling hills and a winding country road along stone fences lead to an antebellum gem.
Leave your worries behind and follow your heart to a very special place in the country.
From the moment you walk onto the impressive veranda, you will feel the gracious southern hospitality'

Breathtakingly decorated, this house has it's own little place in my heart. What wonderful atmosphere it exudes, and who could be the more perfect host and hostess, but Emily and Harold....My trips are not near as frequent as I would wish, and if you love all things vintage, and excellent food, then this is a MUST on your list to visit. What a magical place.....

Luckily this gem in the countryside, is a little over 10 miles down the road from where I live. I'll be visiting real soon !


Carol Murdock said...

Well now josephine.....that looks like my kind of place! Have fun!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks Josephine for telling us about this place... I'd love to see it sometime. We had no idea it was there. Beautiful!!!!

Snow IS coming back. Gads!!!

DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful tour, love all those photos. My kind of place too. Being around so many animals is always a great experience.

George said...

Thanks for the information about Watermelon Moon Farm. We'll keep an eye out for it the next time we head your way.
We're still waiting for daffodils to bloom here on the Plateau.

Anonymous said...

Oh Josephine, what a wonderful place. And that stone fence! Spring has come to my neck of the woods too only yesterday it was 81 degrees and today it is 37. Oh well, we know those temps will be gone soon....

Anonymous said...

Great work. Remain posting!

Anonymous said...

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