Sunday, April 9, 2017

Yew Tree Farm

If you share a love of Beatrix Potter as I do, I have a treat in store.....

Courtesy of Britain's ITV3 television program 'Living the Dream' we are treated to an incredible visit inside Yew Tree Farmhouse, home of Beatrix Potter.

The life of Beatrix Potter is a fascinating story in itself, one that has a lot to offer children particularly as an insight into the constraints and expectations of women in the Victorian Era. Ahead of her time she defied convention to become not only one of the great storytellers and artists of her age but also a landowner, farmer and conservationist .

(Helen) Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

Yew Tree Farm with its distinctive ‘spinning gallery’ is in the beautiful Lake District, in a stunning picturesque setting it is ideally located for all Lakeland activities.
The Farm House was built in 1693 and is one of the most photographed farms in the North. Yew tree was owned by Beatrix Potter in the 1930s and is still home to many of her furnishings, Yew Tree farm featured as ‘Hill Top’ in the movie ‘Miss Potter’ starring Rene Zellweger.
Beatrix called the Lake District in England her beloved home. She owned several farms in the local area, Yew Tree Farmhouse being her favorite. Yew Tree Farmhouse is partly of 17th Century date or earlier, with a new end added in 1743.
This date, and the initials of the then owner, George Walker, are cut in the ironwork of the front door. The farm gets its name from the yew tree, some 700 years old when it blew down in 1896.

"…as nearly perfect a little place as I ever lived in, and such nice old-fashioned people in the village." -Beatrix Potter

Video credit: yewtreefarm1/ITV3


Angela Gabhart said...

Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was right in the middle of the farm on that gorgeous tour! So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing that! And glad you went ahead and planted some flowers...it's a must!

The Furry Gnome said...

Beatrix Potter was truly a remarkable woman!

local alien said...

Must look up Yew Tree Cottage. Love Beatrix. Love your spring posts too. Cheery and colourful

Kathy said...

That video was absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it. Beatrix Potter is one of my favorite authors.

Rian said...

Please put the kettle on. I'm definitely ready for tea. Loved the video I have read a few books on Beatrix Potter and of course love her stories and sketches.

Doc said...

What a treat, thanks so much for posting this.

L. D. said...

I will have to watch for this. It may show up on our pjs sometime.

Anne F said...

I've always loved Beatrix Potter. Thanks for posting.