Saturday, July 6, 2024

Summer Days

The summer heat has kicked in.

Hot and humid days, and evenings most often filled with a thunderstorm or two, cooling the night air.
Parents have begun shopping for school attire and supplies, since it's not too long before the children return to their scholastic schedules.
The first of the homegrown tomatoes and juicy watermelons,  delightuflly fill our plates each day, the fruits of summer.
And the rhythm of life continues.


Kay G. said...

What lovely photos! Wish I had tomatoes from the garden! I love a tomato sandwich, on white bread with mayo, salt and pepper. That's it!

local alien said...

Lovely summer photos. Hard to believe your schools will be opening again soon. I hope the temperatures don't rise for the children

L. D. said...

These are beautiful shots. I like seeing the farm equipment.