Sunday, May 15, 2022

For The Birds

The Perennials have been slower to return this
year, mostly because we've had more than our fair share of frosts and freezes these early Spring days.
Better late than never.

The Goldfinches will soon be devouring the seeds of this Tickseed.
It makes happy little birds

“Sometimes goldfinches one by one will drop
From low hung branches; little space they stop;
But sip, and twitter, and their feathers sleek;
Then off at once, as in a wanton freak:
Or perhaps, to show their black, and golden wings,
Pausing upon their yellow flutterings.
Were I in such a place, I sure should pray
That nought less sweet, might call my thoughts away.”
John Keats


L. D. said...

The finches are a beautiful bird. It is our state bird but I sure rarely see any of them. Maybe I should plant some of your yellow flowers like you have. Your photos are wonderful. Our spring was late also this year because the cold also.

Bernideen said...

Love, love the birds but not the Grackles! Goldfinches - yes I love and feed them too. Love your photos and flowers!

Marcheline said...

Gorgeous! As usual, I have borrowed your poem to send to my dear mother down south... you have no idea how many smiles you've given her!

Edna B said...

Goodness! You have so many birds at your feeders. Awesome! Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

Tiffany said...


Henny Penny said...

Jo, I have never seen so many Goldfinches in one place. That is amazing, and so are your yellow flowers. Makes me want to go buy some yellow flowers to plant. :)