Thursday, January 7, 2021

Tea-Sipping Day

There are whispers of the "s" word in the forecast, just when the sunshine has returned, and green shoots are popping up all over the garden.
I hope the weather-forecasters have missed the mark on this one.

The Christmas decorations were returned to their boxes this morning, another year done and dusted.
We've been spending our days binge -watching Poldark *swoon* on Public Broadcasting Service, my annual donation affords a "Passport" status, allowing unlimited streaming  episodes of Masterpiece Theatre throughout the year.
A little respite in an otherwise chaotic world.


happyone said...

We finally had a bit of sunshine today. Cold but sunny. I take it you don't like snow. :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Happyone: I love snow, but only when I can look out of the window, driving in it is another story :)

Edna B said...

I like a little snow, then it can go away. I prefer spring, summer and fall. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

L. D. said...

I am slowly removing the decorations. I could move faster but then i will run out of things to do. I have been doing at least on cup of tea a day now as I have been not liking coffee so much.

DJan said...

I always feel so warm and fuzzy when I ready your posts, Jo. I'm wishing you a wonderful day and week ahead. :-)

Hilary said...

yes, I look for respite in all the comfortable, familiar places.

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

I'd be lost without my daily green tea. Occasionally I'll wander over to a decaf black, but green is my mainstay.

I didn't even know Passport existed. I must investigate.