Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Home On The Range

August days are getting hotter,  and much porch-sitting is called for.
No excuses, we here in the South, know how to handle, heat and humidity.
Lots of cold iced tea, and plenty of chore-pondering.

The Petunias were thriving well in the heat, I admired them so.
Apparently, I was not alone, this cheeky little bandit helped herself to them all, in the middle of the night.

Home, home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

~ Dr. Brewster Higley~ 1873



rusty duck said...

The deer here have had a new fawn. Very cute and frisky. But hungry!!

Nellie said...

We're having a very hot summer here in East Tennessee, too! Haven't seen deer around here for a few years. They do like to nibble on the pretty flowers.

Elizabeth P said...

Oh my I have been away too long! Is that not a new blog header I see or does my memory fail me? I love the photos in this post... but I always love your photos! :) I have a new blog that I hope you will come and visit?! It's still me (Beth P) just a new shiny outside coat :) Almost forgot to give you the new url... http://thepinkopossumstudio.blogspot.com
Hope the summer has been treating you well!?! Now I'm off to do some catch-up reading here on your blog...
Hugs for now,
Beth from up north...

donna baker said...

So pretty Jo. It is too hot for the porch here. I drove with the weenies in my ATV Ranger to feed the fish and turtles at my three ponds. By the third one, I was too hot to watch them eat. Us three old gals can't take the heat anymore.

Patsy said...

You are so right! Love the photos

SimplySingleSenior said...

Love the expression "chore-pondering". Best done in a rocking chair in the air conditioning with a cold drink for sure!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hope it gets a little cooler soon,, for you and us too.
Such pretty petunias.

Rebecca said...

Yes, you certainly DO know how to handle the heat and humidity!
What inviting photos....sigh.

DJan said...

I'll bet those petunias were tasty. :-)

Jill said...

Lovely photos! :-) Have a great day!