Friday, January 15, 2016

Saying Hello

Over the past few months I have met several new bloggers in the world of blogging.
It is always a delight sharing our lives, as we sit behind our keyboards, and connect with people from far reaching corners of the globe.

I ceased to participate in memes several years ago, I truly just didn't have the time to answer questionnaires, and the guilt of not doing so seemed to take the fun out of spontaneous blogging.
However, today I thought I'd share a few "about me" tidbits.
If you've followed my blog for any length of time you may well have read these previously, but for my newer friends, a little about me.......... 

I won a writing contest in school, sponsored by The Cadbury Company.
The prize was a variety of free chocolate bars, for my class of twenty students over a period of one year.
Once a month our box of pure sweetness was delivered and we all turned into the school's Billy Bunter's.
I was voted most popular in class that year.

I spent all of my teenage years, riding and  show-jumping horses. I miss it with a passion.



I was the neat-diving champion of my hometown, I swam everyday.

I was an only child until I reached the age of ten. My closest companion was my dolly.
When my baby brother came along, I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.


Despite my grandma owning and operating her own bakery for more than thirty five years, I wasn't blessed with the creating talent, but do extremely well with the partaking of.


I have worn my hair long, rather than short, for most of my life.

Ever since being a small girl, I have wanted to live in a rose-covered cottage, I still dream of doing so.


I'm a self-confessed tea addict, no apologies it came with the heritage.



Betsy Brock said...

Well, those were all fun things and ones that I did not know!

I bet you were such a big help when your brother came along...just the right age for that.

donna baker said...

Jo, I didn't even know that was what a meme was. Loved that you swam, and jumped and wish I could taste some of your Grandma's baked goods. I have a rose bush at my new house but need a climber. Is that what kind of rose covers a cottage? I love the look too. First, I need to figure out where the sprinkler system is. You are a treasure, dear Jo.

Notes From ABroad said...

You are lovely , as is your smile.
My brother was born when I was 10 also. I adore him. Always did.
He is the one with the brains :) He is a nuclear chemist.
I like to bake but I really like to eat the bakery goods.
We should be good friends :)

Michael said...

these are all new gems about you I did not know and all wonderful, fascinating things too!

Yes, oh how lovely would that be to live in such a cottage as the pic you show here. Dreamy! Just as long as I had a gardener or the time and leisure to attend to it now and then, mind you!

Isn't the grand that you've met some new bloggers along the way recently? I have wondered if blogging is not making a sort of mini resurgence of sorts as people tire of other social media? What new blogs do you enjoy reading? i am looking to add to my blogroll, having deleted so many recently from those who either never reply or, more likely, no longer blog!

Funny to mention that national writing contest as your winnings were FAR better than mine! I too won a national competition when in school where the task was for kids all across UK to draw what they imagined the Lock Ness to look like. I couldn't believe I won! I got a mini write up and a certificate of note. I never realised just what a how noteworthy that was until years after adulthood when happening to mention it in passing to someone. Funny that.

Bernideen said...

I've been working on a Cadbury all week! I don't know anything about horses but do love to bake. I love that cottage! It doesn't get any cuter than that!

Nellie said...

How much fun this was to read about you, Jo! You've mentioned some very special things! Stay warm and cozy! Winter is returning!

Haddock said...

I am with you on point No 8
Looking at all the other points, I must say that you had a good childhood.
The right way to grow up.

Collie222 said...

#7 - me too!

And I was on a swim team from the age of 9 until I graduated high school, at 18.

I also rode horses, loved them passionately, but we didn't have the money to pursue riding. But I did have lessons during the year, and camp in the summers when I 11, until I was 15 years old.

We have a few things in common.

bayou said...

Being new to your blog, I must out myself as a regular reader now. I found your blog because of your beautiful post about Great Budworth, a well known village to us, my husband is from Hartford.
I love how you see and describe things around. Just my cup of tea :-). Looking forward to more and greetings from Belgium.

ann said...

I have been following you nearly since I started blogging. I should comment more, shouldn't I. I love your cat.

Patsy said...

So happy to have you as a blogger friend.
Have been a follower of yours a long time.
Here is a big HUG!

Henny Penny said...

I loved reading these things about you. Glad you like long hair, and have long hair. Me too! I can see you winning a writing contest...and riding horses. Oh and the rose covered is beautiful, like you. You are such a neat person.

Susie said...

Jo, I can only imagine how much you would miss the horses. Your swimming is were very athletic. Sounds like a wonderful childhood to me. You actually sound like a very smart girl too, winning the writing contest. Yum. I have always loved your blog, the beautiful pictures, the lovely quotes, quips and poems....of course I love seeing the cats. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

Stella Jones said...

Very interesting Jo. There were quite a few things in there that I didn't know. I like you even more now! (Smile). It is hard in the blogging world, to know just how much of our lives to share with others and we Brits are especially reticent in that area, aren't we.
Please give more of yourself in the future.

CecileD said...

Ah ! Ah ! Thank you for sharing with us these funny confidences !

Donna said...

Fairly new here but enjoy your tales...
Love the last photo...Lolol...and the music...peaceful.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

That Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is making me drool!!! What a fun post. I also dream of living in a rose covered cottage. I will just have to cover my new home in roses!!

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

Ah, not only did I get a brief glimpse into one of my favorite bloggers, but you put a lovely smile on my face!

L. D. said...

It is nice to get to know you better. The baby brother was probably a great surprise and a happy change for you life. I would have loved to have a grandma own a bakery.

Nancy Hamilton Sturm said...

I always enjoy your beautiful photos and the verses you share. It was so nice to get a bigger glimpse of who you are. :-) Thank you for sharing. Stay warm in this snow storm!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

you forgot to mention you like poetry, I assume you do as I love reading your little bits. I love Longfellow and many of the ones you quote. I still have not figured how, in this world of blogging how to get followers. I have a few but still only get one or two comments. You do so well. Is there a secret?
Hugs Janice