Monday, August 18, 2014

And The Rains Came

Mother Nature sent rain today.
Buckets full, with the odd peeking of the sun in between, enticing you into the garden with the hope of getting those much needed chores done.
Just in time for the beginning of the annual County fair, it always seems so.
Three days of continuous rain, for which we are grateful, even if her timing is a bit off.

A break in the heat
away from the front
no thunder, no lightning,
just rain, warm rain
falling near dusk
falling on eager ground
steaming blacktop
hungry plants
turning toward the clouds
cooling, soothing rain
splashing in sudden puddles
catching in open screens
that certain smell
of summer rain

~ Summer Rain : Raymond A Foss



Merlesworld said...

Is it raining everywhere at the moment.

Nellie said...

We have been blessed with rainfall this afternoon, too. Although, it did interfere with plans my husband had for some golf.:)

DJan said...

Ohh, nice! I know how much you have been wanting this rain. :-)

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours!

Willow said...

Sorry to hear that the country fair is a bit sloshy.
Glad to hear you got some needed rain though .
Your gardens are always so gorgeous , I am sure this will enhance them even more.

Susie said...

Jo, I truly love the smell of a gentle rain on all the dusty things of summer. Looks like you had plenty. We are to have some tonight. . Blessings to you., xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

Bad luck that the rain arrived at the same time as the county fair - I'm sure it won't have dampened spirits.
There's rain here too in England, and the temperature has really plummeted.
Lovely photos and words - thank you for sharing

Tasha T

Terry said...

Three days of rain! Couldn't Mother Nature spread it out a bit?

L. D. said...

We were glad to get rain today but we sure didn't get as much as you are showing us.