Monday, January 18, 2010

Silver Majesty.

Throughout the year, I've been keeping an eye out in the thrift shops for pieces of silver. You'd be surprised how many beautiful servers and chafing dishes are discarded, mostly for want of a good cleaning.

These are just a few pieces I have collected this past year. All have been "bargain buys" for pennies on the dollar, with the exception of the candelabra, which was so generously given to me as a Christmas gift, by a very special lady.

My daughter keeps reminding me, if we continue, we'll have enough silver to set the table for her majesty "Lillibeth" over for tea.

It keeps the twinkle in my eye ;)


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Beautiful.. would love to go thrift shopping with you. I'm looking for a gorgeous tray like yours... they are way too high up our way... what a lovely gift you recieved... hugs ~lynne~

Sunny said...

I love thrift shopping, it's amazing what you can find. You certainly have found some lovely pieces.
Sunny :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I hate to admit this, but most of my old silver trays, etc. (from my first marriage) are in my basement. How horrible is that. I did have a tea set--which was my mother's, and I gave it to my step daughter. I don't know if any of my granddaughters will ever want any of those silver trays....??? Oh Well!!!

donna baker said...

LOVE all your silver!

Penny said...

Ah but the cleaning, a reminder that on the next hot day I must clean mine.

L. D. said...

It is the hunt, the restoration, and the beauty of the piece that keeps your going. It is a wonderful collection. I brought a beautiful piece home from my parent's house and it is so sick looking, but silver polish will turn it into a jewel. Keep up the hunt, and you don't even have to ride a horse!!!

Deanna said...

Gloriously gorgeous!!!
luv this,

Unknown said...

Some great, lovely finds!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful silver and at bargain prices. How fortunate.

Betsy Brock said...

I, too, have many pieces from thrift stores. Before Christmas I have everything a good polishing...beautiful! You have some nice pieces there!

matron said...

I wish we had thrift shops such as those you go to,I have rarely seen silver that I could afford as good as the pieces in the picture.
Have found the odd small item in a charity shop for a few cent,then felt guilty about having bought it,thinking I should have pointed out that the item was solid hallmarked silver,but that was after I got home.!!!

Stella Jones said...

Yes it looks lovely. Do you enjoy the pleasure of cleaning it? What do you use for that purpose?
I'm sure the Queen would enjoy a visit to your house before she gets too old to travel.
I collect silver teaspoons. They look lovely on the saucer of a china teaset.
Blessings, Star

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Bought in thrift sotes huh? Yeah right. You're a posh cat burglar, thats what you are. I can see the bag in the picture that says SWAG on it.

George said...

It definitely looks as if you've found some beautiful bargains. That is, they are beautiful after you applied some elbow grease!

DJan said...

I have only one dish with silver, and it's a salad bowl that was my grandmother's. It's gorgeous. But your silver, well! It's spectacular.

Carol said...

Looks like I live in the wrong section of Tennessee :) Your finds are gorgeous.

Barbara Anne said...

Lovely! Think I'll have another look around my grandmother's things ... perhaps something lurks there.

cheshire wife said...

Looks lovely, but how long does it stay clean for?

DeniseinVA said...

It's gorgeous Jo, and I do love this photo, as well as your header, so warm and inviting. I'm going to have to check out some of those thrift stores around here. I know friends of mine who have found wonderful treasures there.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lynne: We are fortunate enough to have many thrift stores in this area....especially Goodwill, which carry shelves full of really nice things.

Sunny: I can't think of one time I have come away empty handed. I don't go very often either!

Betsy: Oh girlfriend dig them all out ! They make a gorgeous table for something special !

Donna: Thank you want to help clean some of it ?

Penny: Yes, that's the But well worth the effort.

L.D. Yes, you are correct ! It's all about the hunt, and I'd take the horse too ;)

Deanna: You may borrow it if your in a need !

Gaston Studio: The best thing, is the entire lot has cost less than 100.00 maybe 75.00. One piece would probably cost that much ,new.

Katie: Thank you, I like all the pieces, and still on the look out for more.

Betsy: Ooh I love to see some of them.

Matron: Not even the Oxfam or "Cancer support" thrift stores ?
Hmmm. You certainly lucked out to find a Hallmarked piece.

Star: I mostly use it for Christmas and special dinners. The remainder of the year it's tucked away, and then polished when I use it..

Dave Pie-n-Mash: OK, busted !
I confess to having the personality of a Magpie. If it shines, then it's back to my nest with the loot :)

George: I must admit, I really don't care for all the cleaning. However in the end, it's worth the effort.

DJan: I bet your bowl is gorgeous !
I'd like to find a silver-edged salad bowl, it could be used for a number of purposes.

Carol: Middle Tennessee has lots of bargains....come shop !

Barbars Anne: Oooh I hope you find something nice.

Cheshire Wife: I clean it about twice a year, if I use it more often, then I'll give it another polish.

Denise: Yes, do check them out ! There's no telling what treasure you'll find. It looks so lovely on a Christmas table, or a wedding shower event.


Where in middle TN? I am in Pulaski :)

Carol Murdock said...

Hey Jo! Gorgeous! You know me, I love a "fine" table! You MUST come visit and sleep in the GWTW Room!!

Susan Freeman said...

It's sad that so many young women today don't want silver because of all the work it takes to keep it polished. Yet on the other hand, when they clean out grandmother's house, they will donate it to thrift shops where the old treasured pieces can find happy new homes.

Jeannette StG said...

Aah, silver! So royal -your daughter has the right idea! Beautiful, Jo!