Monday, January 12, 2009

Farewell, "Woolies" my old friend.......

The last of the UK Woolworth's stores, closed their doors this past week.
"Woolies" was not just a high street shop, it was a part of the "Baby Boomer's" childhood, and history.
I cannot recall a time when shopping in our local high street, that I didn't make a stop in the local Woolworths store.
It was ingrained in our heritage.
They stocked everything from cosmetics and housewares, to some of the best "sweet" counters in the UK
A bargain could always be found, they had lots of it, and it was always cheap !
Woolworth's was a synonym for "Cheap"- the products and the workplace........there was often a threat to people of my age, that if you did not work hard in school, "you will end up working at Woolworth's".
The image changed over the years, but the dead end has now sadly come to it's own end.
Over 27000 employees have now lost their jobs, my commiserations and good wishes to you all.


George said...

I remember when Woolworth had stores over here. My brother and I were always pestering Mom to let us go in and check out the toy counter. It's the end of an era.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Josephine, I had heard this--and it's just so sad. We had a Woolworth's in my small town in VA where I grew up. I loved it.. We called it the "5 and 10" since things were so cheap!!!

SO sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Tangee lipstick and L'Heur Bleu or Midnight In Paris, something like that. I too used to shop there when I was young. How are you Josephine?

Carol Murdock said...

Hi Josephine.....Thanks for visiting my blog.I love Thomas Hardy!We are Netflix members and watch mostly British Series.
Woolworth's in Hattiesburg was an after school hangout when I was a kid.We'd pile in and get a Cherry-Coke and gossip.The one here closed years ago.Welcome to Tennessee(my former and still second home)

Nan said...

The Woolworths in my small town (in the northeast US) was very important when I was growing up. There was an eating counter, plants, fish, and everything a young child could buy a friend or parent for Christmas presents. My friend, Anne, and I practically lived there as young girls. I think I can taste the egg sal sandwich, if I think hard enough.

Shelley said...

It is so sad all these people are losing their jobs! So many stores closing.

Winifred said...

I remember Tangee lipstick and Midnight in Paris in those tiny dark blue bottles.

It's the passing of an era, part of not just our youth but our lives. So sad for everyone!

Kelly said...

Ooohhhh Woolies always had the very best pick n mix! When I was young we always stopped by the before a trip to the cinema to stock up on cheap jellies and fudge sweets.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Please do put the kettle on! Tea is always welcome--though with Winnie on the page shouldn't we have something stronger?

Anonymous said...

My first Saturday job was at Woolies, way back when I was in school, so I have fond memories of it. Tragic that so many people have lost their jobs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you'll call again.