Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cottage Love

The cottage homes of England
   By thousands on her plains,
They are smiling o'er the silvery brooks,
   And round the hamlet-fanes.
Thro' glowing orchards forth they peep,
   Each from its nook of leaves,
And fearless there the lowly sleep,
   As the bird beneath the eaves

~ Felicia Hermans  1793 -1835

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Sunshine has returned, and the last of the lingering snow is now melting.
I was content to sit and watch the falling snow from a window view.
There were days in my working years, when I wasn't afforded such luxury.
Oliver cat and Tom-Tilly are happy to once again bask in the afternoon sun, their little world as they know it, returned to normal.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Winter Moon

Brightly the moon like a jewel is beaming,
White in the east, o'er a lone landscape gleaming,
Over the meadows and over the snow,
Glimmering, shimmering, silvery glow.

Low in the east, when the gloaming is ending,
Slowly this white winter moon is ascending,
Looming so large and appearing so nigh,
Satellite framed by a star-spangled sky.

High in the sky, with soft radiance teeming,
Nigh to the time when men, women, are dreaming,
Weird is her splendor on valley and hill,
Cold is her gleam upon river and rill.

Brightly the moon like a jewel is shining,
White in the west she is slowly declining,
Beautiful Moon ! Which beams gorgeous and grand
Over the homes of our own Native Land.

~Charles Nevers Holmes. 1926

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Days

The heavens have opened, and rain is falling by the bucket loads.
This is the better part of our weather, tomorrow snow...….
I'm not looking forward to the chaos and mayhem it creates especially on the roads, for those of us more fortunate who can stay home and look out of the window, beauty abounds. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Oliver cat practicing his new yoga pose.
Winter days can afford the luxury of personal growth.

" I have lived with several Zen masters...….all of them cats."
Eckhart Tolle ~ The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Winter Nesting

I'm a candle-burner.
No matter what season of the year, you'll find candles burning in my home.
I'm drawn like a moth to the flame, they comfort me, console me, wrap me in their warm glow.
Nothing says "Welcome Home" better than the soft glow of a burning spiced-candle.
Winter days have set in, we've already had our share of sadness in this new year, I'm hoping for brighter days ahead.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tea-Sipping Day

There are whispers of the "s" word in the forecast, just when the sunshine has returned, and green shoots are popping up all over the garden.
I hope the weather-forecasters have missed the mark on this one.
I'm pretty certain that the cats have got spring-fever, they have been running around the house and having a mad half-hour, more than usual, destroying their little furry mice, and insisting on hiding beneath the dining room rug, pretending not to be noticed, except for two obvious big lumps.
It's a day of list-making and tea-sipping for me, tomorrow more errand running.
Hope all is well, in your little corner of the world.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Doc Martin Season 8 Episode 1 preview

To help break up the monotony of long winter nights, our local PBS affiliate is treating its viewing audience to new seasons of beloved favorite shows.
Doc Martin Season 8 aired this past Thursday, I'm already hooked.
Thank you Public Broadcasting Corporation, and our local Nashville Public Television.
Check your local schedule for times and dates.