Sunday, January 2, 2022


We have had the strangest warm weather these past few days.
Here it is, the middle of winter, and the temperatures have reached a balmy 73 degrees yesterday, folks were running around town, in shorts and flip-flops !
The Iris shoots are popping up out of the ground, twelve inches tall already.

Today....all change.
We are in for a true taste of winter, temperatures down in the thirties and whispers of the "s" word are in the forecast.
A good excuse to stay home,  indulge in a nice pot of tea and left-over Christmas cake, and some rather lovely reading material.




DJan said...

Happy New Year, Jo!

Rian said...

Same here, Jo... in the 70's and 80's all week and now in the 20's. Strange weather for strange times. But agree it's good weather to stay home by the fire, read a good book and indulge in tea/coffee and the remaining Christmas goodies. And I used to get that same magazine at Barnes and Noble years ago... don't think they carry it anymore. Wishing you a healthy happy 2022!

Sandi said...

Ah...a good excuse for a nice, quiet day! ☕️

L. D. said...

No cake for me but a piece of pie would work for me. I found an old magazine about potters in the south that I am hitting again. I would see your magazine at the bookstore if I ever get back there.