Tuesday, December 8, 2020

'Til They're Clean And Sparkly

When Christmas holidays roll around, the copper pots get an extra cleaning.

I was raised in a generation, when kitchens proudly displayed their gleaming wares. 
My grandma had lots of copper, silver and brass, it was my job to keep them shiny and bright.
The unmistakable smell of Brasso lingered in the air on Friday evenings, after my weekly chore was done.
The manufacturers changed the formula of Brasso cleaning solution several years ago, the new and improved version is not so much. Thankfully I've found another product that works incredibly well, wipe on, rinse off with water, and voila !
I'm pretty sure the younger generation has no desire to polish these timeless treasures, myself, I'm happy to hold on to the memories. 
I've used the silver cleaner for years, with excellent results, but didn't know they made copper cleaner until I ran across this on Amazon.
Wipe it on with the little sponge included, and rinse off.



L. D. said...

It is a lot of work but it is worth the shine.

Lowcarb team member said...

As L.D. said ... it is so worth the shine :)

All the best Jan

happyone said...

I've used this project on my copper pots but now I use something calle Bar Keepers Friend. Its a powder that you sprinkle on.
I clean my copper pots every time I use them!
You can also use ketchup and salt to clean copper.

DJan said...

Stunningly beautiful shine on those copper beauties! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ketchup works as well.

Anita said...

So nice to see bec we dont see things like this anymore
Good job and thanx for the tio

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I once used Baking Soda and an aluminum pan to clean my parents silverware. No touch required! Just Baking soda hot water, tinfoil... Or a aluminum tie pin... My Dad was amazed. The tarnish literally disappeared before our eyes. ( And their silver ware was practically black with tarnish.) I'm not sure if it works on Copperware though. Mom and Dad were always afraid to polish the few items we had that were actual silver because they did not want to "ware them away." All those fancy plates and silverware we never used because we were afraid they would get damaged... hehe.

Doc said...

Beautiful! My wife uses this product and says it works great.

Marcheline said...

Lemon juice, baking soda, and salt do the trick nicely, too..... what lovely coppers you have!!

Edna B said...

Wow, your pans are do gleam! I have a few copper pans so I'll have to look into this product. Thank you. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Gina said...

I use my copper pots every single day. When they need polishing I use coarse salt, a half of a lemon AND "CLR" . It leaves no after smell or taste and rinses off cleanly and does not damage the copper.

Rob said...

I love the look of nicely cleaned copper and brass. I remember as a child I used to enjoy cleaning the items my mum had. Your copper looks amazing and is a credit to you.