Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Yesterday I braved the masses and finished up my Christmas shopping, at least I think so.
I've still to do the final list-checking, but for once I've gotten ahead of the game, and wrapped all of the gifts.
I'm usually a Christmas-Eve wrapper, in panic mode no less.
My daughter used to help me wrap all of the gifts, but since she has her own family to take care of, I'm left to my own devices.

Today, I'm taking a little time to relax.
With the winter moon high in the sky, and  the landscape covered in a rain-filled mist, I'm treating myself to an evening hearthside tonight.
Twinkling trees, candles glowing, a pot of tea and Christmas shortbread,  I'm settling in for a date with Dylan Thomas, the popular and much-loved Welsh poet.


A Child's Christmas in Wales film, a timeless tale, delivers with gentleness a glimpse of a child's Welsh Christmas and takes you on a journey back to the magic and marvel of boyhood " where no two moments were ever alike, and life was embraced with belief instead of doubt ."
Purely magical !



DJan said...

I think the moon is now right now, Jo, but oherwise I'm right there with you! :-)

Susie said...

Jo, I miss those beautiful days gone by, when my four daughters helped me with Christmas. They were and will always be my best gifts. I am blessed. It is nice that you can relax while Christmas comes ever near. Blessings to you and a very Merry Christmas, xoxo, Susie

Kathy said...

My sister is an expert wrapper and enjoys wrapping gifts (unlike me). Unfortunately she moved 100 miles away and is no longer available. *sigh* I think that will be my job tonight along with baking cookies.

L. D. said...

We will have to look for that movie. We like have special ones to see at Christmas time. Rest is great medicine with tea and cookies too. I have a commercial fruitcake that I treat myself each evening.

Nancy said...

A Child's Christmas In Wales is my very favorite movie!

Winifred said...

I've seen a zillion Christmas films most of the newer ones are rubbish will look for that one as I've never heard of it.

Parcels look good, I've wrapped some & still have quite a lot to wrap. Was going to do some tonight but went shopping with my daughter & granddaughter. Much more fun as I've done most of my shopping online so it was nice to get out with them. It was quite quiet too none of the madness you often encounter.

Have a lovely Christmas & a great year in 2018.

Henny Penny said...

Hope you have enjoyed your day. I've spent today shopping, in the rain. Your packages are wrapped so pretty.

Andrea said...

I wish I was there with you, at hearthside, dear friend. Perhaps one day... we can have tea and cake together in heaven. xxx

Stella Jones said...

Like you, I prefer the quieter side of Christmas. It is an exciting time but it is also a time to reflect and think about others. No wonder we all get so emotional. There are those moments when only a cup of tea will do, aren't there.

Pam said...

Never even thought about brown bags for gifts. This yr I wrapped everything in boxes and in kraft paper with red ribbons! I have wanted to do this for years. Love your wrapping paper.