Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weaving Their Way

The Morning Glories have made an appearance, just in time for Summer.
This Grandpa Ott variety returns year after year, without any assistance from the gardener.
The vines wrap their tendrils around the weathered-wood fence and grace us with beauty all summer long.
The vines are prolific , the flowers a sumptuous Royal Blue trumpet with a contrasting purple star.
A Strikingly beautiful combination.
I can't help but smile each time they catch  my eye.


Was it worth while to paint so fair
Thy every leaf - to vein with faultless art
Each petal, taking the boon light and air
Of summer so to heart?

To bring thy beauty unto perfect flower,
Then, like a passing fragrance or a smile,
Vanish away, beyond recovery's power -
Was it, frail bloom, worth while?

Thy silence answers: "Life was mine!
And I, who pass without regret or grief,
Have cared the more to make my moment fine,
Because it was so brief.

"In its first radiance I have seen
The sun! - why tarry then till comes the night?
I go my way, content that I have been
Part of the morning light!"

~ Florence Earl Coates ( 1850-1927 )


Merlesworld said...

Wonderful colour,

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Beautiful colors.

DJan said...

:-) :-)

local alien said...

Your morning glories are gorgeous. I haven't seen one for a long time. I will find out if they grow here. I have the perfect place for them though I bet in our climate they would not flower all summer long.
Thank you for more great poetry. It is nice to be introduced to so much wonderful verse from poets I have never heard of but deserve to be quoted more often

Kay G. said...

My childhood home had a small carport on the mother strung up string and planted morning glories! They made a wall on that side and everyone marveled at the beauty of such a simple thing!

annie said...

So pretty.
When I was a child there was a solid wooden fence behind our backyard where Morning Glories and Moonflowers grew.
The Morning Glory flowers closed at 7 PM and the moon flowers opened at 7 PM. I would stand there completely fascinated by it all.

Louca por porcelana said...


L. D. said...

They are so beautiful. I didn't get my seed started soon enough so I won't have morning-glories this year. I again will survive the change in things but next year I am going to get on to it sooner.