Friday, April 28, 2017

A Man's Home Is His Castle

Each weekend throughout the merry month of May, thousands of people flock to Castle Gwynn in Arrington, Tennessee.
It's Renaissance Festival time, complete with jousting events, kissing-wenches, mead-drinking, arts and crafts, music, merriment and mischief galore.
What sets itself apart from all other Renaissance Festivals is it's distinction of being the only Renaissance Fayre held on the grounds of a real castle in North America.

Castle Gwynn is a startling replica of a 12th-century Welsh border castle and the private home of Nashville-native Mike Freeman, a portrait photographer, and his wife, Jackie, a retired schoolteacher.

The complete story of how the castle came to be, can be read here : http://tnhomeandfarm.com/castle-gwynn and is still an ongoing labor of love.

To view the 2017  Festival schedule and directions click here : http://www.tnrenfest.com/index.htm admission price includes a tour of the castle !

Royalty, nobles, knights and peasants, come one, come all....
'Tis most splendid!

Dragons welcome 



Patsy said...

Very interesting, never heard of this before.

Susie said...

Jo, This sounds like a fun time. I have never gone to any of those Renaissance events. They do sound fun, but mu old feet would never be able to take the walking and standing. Blessings for a good safe weekend. We are in for nasty weather. xoxo, Susie

Claire said...

That sounds like it would be such fun. I just watched the video of Yew Tree Farm. It was fantastic. I read Beatrix Potter to my granddaughter when she visits. Looking forward to the movie about Miss Potter.

Seaside Dreams said...

How wonderful

NotesFromAbroad said...

We used to go to the Renaissance Festival in NY every year ... they were SO Much Fun !!

L. D. said...

It does seem to be sitting on the wrong continent. I guess it is like the London Bridge in Arizona. It is a great photo and I an see how they would develop a festival around the castle theme.

The Furry Gnome said...

What an interesting castle!

Stella Jones said...

Well there's a coincidence - I posted my castle post today too.
I've never heard of this one, but isn't it glorious and such a wonderful venue for a renaissance festival.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Me too, in a castle mood. Finally looked through pics I took of Ireland castles in 2015 when there last, and ordered some for framing. Your local castle looks like a great place to visit.