Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Days

The leaves continue to fall.
The birds have retreated to their nests.
The geese fly south overhead.
Squirrels busily transport their overwinter stash to secret hiding places.
Wild turkeys lead their flock to the nightly roost.
A ginger kitty sleeps.






donna baker said...

As I scrolled down, I wondered, where are Jo's wild turkeys? I've never seen so many at one time. Only in the trees once.

Patsy said...

You have Thanksgiving on your lawn!
They say we are to get some cooler temps soon.
Great photo's

Linda deV said...

Puts me in just the right mood for fall, as long as I don't walk outside. It's a little toasty here so I will live vicariously through your pictures. Beautiful.

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

I think the cat looks the warmest and cosiest xx

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, my goodness...all those turkeys! haha. Don't they know it's almost Thanksgiving? They better hide! :)

Leaves were swirling down from my crab apple tress fun!

Phoebes World said...

Beautiful...just beautiful
And thank you for the offer. I will have a cuppa...milk no sugar
Phoebe x

DJan said...

So very lovely. And that sweet kitty at the end. :-)

Susie said...

Jo, You are so charming in your posts. I love visiting and seeing the things near your home . Oliver that sweet cat. :):) Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie