Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Hare Audition


donna baker said...

I love bunnies, Jo. I used to have some at the barn and they would stand up on my legs when I went up there. Then, I'd see one round the corner with a mouth full of hay, going, I guess, to fluff up the nest.

karen said...

Sweet bunny. The second photo looks very real too...where did you ever find this bunny? It would be a tease for my Maggie. She's been chasing rabbits out of my yard.

MadSnapper said...

I want to reach right in this photo and pet that little bunny, soooo cute and he looks just like his cousin, ha ha

Margaret said...

I prefer the one on the top...must be the eyes.

Patsy said...

Number one? It looks like the real March Hare.

Barbara Anne said...

Love the play on words as Alice is all the rage! These two are each charming in their own ways despite having no waistcoats or pocket watches.

Happy spring Sunday!

Susan Freeman said...

So very cute! Have a great Sunday!
Susan and Bentley

Stella Jones said...

Aren't they gorgeous. One of them is real and one of them is not, n'est ce pas? Both lovely though.
I saw my first daffodils the other day, at last. Spring is definitely here.
Blessings Star

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Both rabbits remind me of the rabbit in the childrens story "The Wispering Rabbit" that was one of my favorites, and why I love having them around!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Donna: Just like me, I love bunnies also ! The top one is Snuggles, he is eleven years old, and likes to give kisses.

Maggie's Garden: Yes, it does look like a real rabbit, I bought it from an estate sale last year, so not sure where it comes from, but my cat rubs on it's head as if it's a friend.

Sandra: he would love you to rub his head, he loves to give kisses.

Margaret: Doesn't he have the most beautiful, large eyes !

Bennie and Patsy: Yes, number one is the REAL March Hare ;)

Barbara Anne: Sadly no pocket watches or waistcoats, but still cuddly ;)

AshTree Cottage: He's a sweet, kind bunny never offered to bite, ever.
Have a great Sunday also !

Star: You are correct, the first one real, the second not so...
Shhhh. don't tell him :)

Kim: Yes, The Whispering Rabbit,a little Golden Book...
They do remind one of that story !

Paula said...

What a lovely blog. I adore the all the pictures. Have joined as a "follower" so that I may come back and spend even more time exploring your wonderful posts and images.

All good wishes,
Paula (also in Tennessee)

DeniseinVA said...

So cute! That March Hare and his lookalike are so adorable!