Tuesday, March 26, 2019


There is so much work to do, after a long winter's nap..
Fluffing and cutting and general sweeping away winter's dust and grime.
The lawns get their first mowing of the Spring season, but I'm resisting the urge to plant flowers until more stable warm weather arrives, since covering plants with white sheets every night, becomes a chore in itself.
We're hoping all the freeze-warnings will soon be a thing of the past, and we can soon return to the outdoors.
I know of two sweet kitties, who are just busting at the seams to join us.


Were I to live a thousand years
I still would know that flaming thrill,
That rush of joy when first appears —the golden daffodil.

A thousand times my heart would sing
When purple irises unfold;
Or when forsythia's branches bring
Their dazzling showers of gold.

I could not see an almond tree
With branches all a rosy glow
But that a tide of ecstasy
would through my being flow.

Were I to see, a thousand times,
Blue scilla bells amid green grass,
I know I'd hear their fairy chimes
As I would pass.

Were I to live a thousand years
I'd never watch the nesting birds
Except through eyes bedimmed with tears,
My tongue bereft of words.

Were I to weave ten thousand lays,
Knew I a thousand songs to sing,
I still would lack the power to praise
—the miracle of Spring.

Silver Lining ~Wilhelmina Sitch 1888


Susie said...

Jo, I always love to visit you. Your poems and pictures just touch my heart. Beautiful Oliver and Tom . I would dearly love to snuggle them. Blessings to you , xoxo, Susie

DJan said...

I love the way cats like to perch on fences. Delightful pictures, every last one! :-)

Edna B said...

That's a beautiful poem. I love the photos, especially the one of the cats perched on the fence and the one with the big mushroom. Now that one (the mushroom) would make a great background for a quick page. You have a really beautiful yard. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Winifred said...

That is such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it Jo. Yes my young cats are enjoying the spring weather too racing up and down the lawn. Lovey photos of Tom & Oliver.

Maristela Guilherme said...

Que lugar lindo!
Belo poema.

L. D. said...

Your spring photos are so great. Your cats are the envy of my eye now that we don’t have any pets. I like that wreath. I have to clear lots of things away from my backyard now to make way for workmen to build us a sunroom. I do have lots of areas to clear and leaves too that are covering tulip bulbs. I really like seeing all of your green.

Lowcarb team member said...

Poem and pictures are perfect :)
A lovely post.

All the best Jan

Carol Henstra said...

I am enjoying your pictures. Ya put the kettle on. Your very young looking for a being a Grandma. My Kids are adults. I still call them kids. I love poems.
My hubby turned 80 and my daughter wrote a poem about his life in Holland. My Granddaughter sang two songs for him. Thank you for dropping into my blog.

Louca por porcelana said...

Just fabulous.Hugs!