Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time For Tea

A Cup of Tea

When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its' fragrance,
There is solace in its' taste;
And then laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.

And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There's beauty as you'll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.

J. Jonker, Amsterdam, c.1670



DJan said...

Lovely picture and poem, Jo. You just raised my happiness level quite a lot. :-)

Carol Henstra said...

Like your poem and your pretty tea pot.

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

J.Jonker never spoke/written a truer word..
I love my teas..especially first thing in
the morning...! :).

And that looks like a lovely 'Blue Willow'
teapot! :).

Susie said...

Jo, I always love to read the little poems you post. Pretty teapot too. What is your very favorite tea? Blessings, xoxo, Susie

L. D. said...

The tea pot is so wonderful to see. I bet you serve great tea.

Collie222 said...

I've been searching for the perfect teapot. I haven't found one yet, but I will! I want one as lovely as yours!