Friday, April 13, 2018


We enjoyed an incredible spring day today, a roasting 81 degrees.
Finally a day which beckoned you outside to dig in the warm soil.
Tomorrow, rain.


ann said...

Your garden looks so pretty. Spring is very slow here. We have had some moisture that has helped the grass to green up, but today it will be cold and windy. Love the photo with the bit of fog and whit fence.

Deanna said...

We had nice temps last week, but has turned to snow and chill. Your pictures are lovely.

Betsy Brock said...

Those are some gorgeous photos! We had two days of 75 degree weather and then today it snowed! haha. Looked like a blizzard some of the hours today but melted. Still quite chilly, though!

Anita said...

Beautiful photoes:))))

L. D. said...

I cannot believe you were that warm but I know things are just at extremes this spring. We are having snow and sleet today.