Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Winter Moon

Brightly the moon like a jewel is beaming,
White in the east, o'er a lone landscape gleaming,
Over the meadows and over the snow,
Glimmering, shimmering, silvery glow.

Low in the east, when the gloaming is ending,
Slowly this white winter moon is ascending,
Looming so large and appearing so nigh,
Satellite framed by a star-spangled sky.

High in the sky, with soft radiance teeming,
Nigh to the time when men, women, are dreaming,
Weird is her splendor on valley and hill,
Cold is her gleam upon river and rill.

Brightly the moon like a jewel is shining,
White in the west she is slowly declining,
Beautiful Moon ! Which beams gorgeous and grand
Over the homes of our own Native Land.

~Charles Nevers Holmes. 1926.


rebecca said...

Saw its splendor last night as we drove in the country toward our home in town... Early this morning I went outside to "find" it. I was sadly unable to locate it due to its position behind buildings (or possibly clouds). At any rate, I missed the eclipse reveled in its light last night.

DJan said...


Kathy said...

I saw the moon this morning, but no eclipse. Still, it was huge. I took several pictures and will put them on my blog later this week. I love your picture and the poem that goes with it.

Henny Penny said...

Your picture is beautiful! It was 4:30 when I let the dogs out this morning and the moon was big and extra bright. It actually lit up the dirt road. Then at 6:45 I went back to look again, when the red was supposed to show, and the moon had disappeared behind the trees. It's too wooded here I guess.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, that's a gorgeous picture! It sure was pretty last night!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

So jealous. We could not see the moon at all, but happy to see yours. Love Holmes poem as well. I am a poetry addict. Love to read it, love to write it, submitting it though...takes so much time. Happy February to you!

L. D. said...

It is almost a halloween sky. Great verse that you shared.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

That is a lovely poem, might inspire me to write something. I have not done so in a very long time.

Elizabeth P said...

Wonderful verse! You know, the month of February this year we won't have a full moon... I'm told it happens every 19 years! Thanks for the lovely photo and for your fabulous blog and the time you spend taking photos and finding the appropriate verses to go along with them. You have put a smile on my face more often than I can remember! Hugs for now from brrrr New Hampshire...