Friday, December 8, 2017

English Christmas Cracker Traditions

Each year as I'm busying myself with the Christmas decorating, my thoughts turn to home.
The traditions at Christmas that have stood the test of time throughout many English households.

The partaking of mince pies, raspberry trifle, sausage rolls, steamed plum pudding, and Christmas cake laden with dried fruit , marzipan and Royal Icing...hard as a rock.
Gathering around the television or the radio and listening to the Queen's Speech.
Afterwards a tipple of traditional sherry, or port, toasting the season and good health to all !

The pulling of the Christmas crackers before eating turkey dinner, wearing the paper party hats, laughing at the silly paper jokes inside, and delighting in the small prizes, most often magic tricks, or plastic trinkets.

Happy times, that are gratefully forever etched in our memories ..........


local alien said...

Oh yes, even though I was brought up so far away all our traditions were English. Some of them I have passed on to my children, Xmas crackers which we can now buy here, Xmas cake, mince pies all made from scratch, funny paper hats. It just wouldn't be Xmas without all of that, Xmas cards too. Sometimes I even get to see the queen's speech on BBC. It all means a lot to me now. A part I need to keep to be me

Winifred said...

But we still do all of that! Am holding off from eating the mince pies at the moment but I'll be buying them next week.
Still haven't bought the crackers though. I love the M&S ones, I bought some gorgeous ones last year & it was a shame to pull them. The grandchildren love the daft little presents & yes we wear the hats but the jokes don't get any better!
Don't you have crackers in the US Jo?

Kathy said...

We always have Christmas crackers at dinner. So fun wearing the paper hats and laughing at how corny those jokes are. Sometimes we even get decent prizes. The Queen's speech is always part of our day also. My family is descended from British royalty (I've been able to trace it back) so I guess that's where our love of all things British comes from.

Beverley said...

Yes, we did all of that. I have now dropped the cake as no one eats it.

L. D. said...

I appreciated a pas show years ago when the guy described the traditions of crackers.All of that has to be fun and the tradition enriched your celebration. We saw a local on tv telling how to make them but she didn't put in all the goodies and toys and quiz questions. I seem to have missed your postings but it hasn't been on purpose. I hate to miss your blogs.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I always love to see what you are doing.

Susie said...

Jo, That sounds like fun traditions. I have never seen any of these crackers in person. But it sure sounds like something kids would dearly love. Blessings, xoxo, Susie