Saturday, October 7, 2017

Poldark Season 3 Reminder

Season 3 of Poldark returned last weekend on Public Broadcasting Service, Masterpiece Theatre.
I confess to being a latecomer in watching this incredible series, watching my first episode half way through season 2, and very quickly became hooked.
Luckily season 2 was repeated recently, in a prelude to the now showing season 3. Ross Poldark
( Irish actor,  Aiden Turner), and the entire cast keep me riveted to the screen.
Season 3 Episode Two airs tomorrow at 8PM Central time.
Older episodes can be found online via YouTube or the Public Broadcasting Service library.
Be still my beating heart.........


Patsy said...

Thanks. I will watch it need some distraction.
There comes the rain we need so bad,now if it will
do a good job and move on.

donna baker said...

So glad you told me that Jo. I watched one or two of season one and didn't go back. I'll definitely go back and watch from the beginning.

Winifred said...

It seems much darker than the original TV series back in the seventies but still great Sunday night viewing.

The third series of this new version got even darker so hopefully the fourth which they are filming now will be a bit brighter! The actors are brilliant and the scenery is stunning.

It's.a.crazy.world said...

I stumbled across the 1st and 2nd season of Poldark on Amazon prime and was quickly hooked. I've been waiting a long time for season 3! Very surprising to have a 2 hour premier!

L. D. said...

I have become hooked on it too. I caught up on the 2nd season as it was all shown straight through for so many hours. I like Aiden Turner who also started in the Hobbit movies.

Rian said...

We watch Poldark too, not only for the story... but also for the scenery. I believe it's filmed in and around Cornwall, one of my favorite places in England.

Constance said...

I love Poldark, it is a wonderful series. About 10 years ago PBS reran the original series from the 1970's and I was hooked. I was very excited when I heard they were remaking it and it hasn't disappointed me at all. we get it here on Sunday evenings and I think Snowball and Rocky are hooked on it to, they always find it a great time to snuggle up with me and relax when it's on.

annie said...

I need to get my act together and watch this. I seem to be the only person in the world who never saw it!