Friday, March 24, 2017

Timeless Treasures

My grandmother used to spend her down-time embroidering.
Tablecloths, runners, hand towels, and the likes.
It takes a lot of patience to work the needle, especially in fading eye-sight and many times after a long day of work.
I love using these tablecloths when setting the table, they remind me of gentler times, and the love and pride our grandparents took to make the lives of others more uncommon.


donna baker said...

You don't see many today making those. I used to embroidery. In fact, it was the first crafty thing I ever did. I saw an entire quilt embroidered in light blue and yellow at the mall the other day. I was sorely tempted, but I don't need any new bedding. My last purchase was linen sheets (love them) and my daughter said I was a bedding hoarder. That quilt was only $55.00.

Louca por porcelana said...

Lovely treasure!Very gorgeous!Thanks for sharing.

Winifred said...

They're lovely. Nice to have such beautiful things to remember her by.

I used to do a lot of sewing & embroidery but now I knit & crochet more.

DJan said...

So pretty! I did that sort of thing when I was a young woman, too. I'd forgotten about it until I saw this post. :-)

Henny Penny said...

The tablecloth is beautiful. My mother loved to embroider. Pillowcases were her thing. I have two sets that she embroidered. One of the sets, I had started and she finished them for me.

NotesFromAbroad said...

My grandmother taught me to embroider. In the 70s I embroidered all my jeans and looked like a proper flower child :)
it is a peaceful activity, perfect for calming nerves. . and making treasures out of a plain piece of cloth.

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

As with other readers, I used to embroider t-shirts (in my 20's), linens, etc. My goofy question - do you use the tablecloth while serving food -- not afraid of spillage?

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Janet: yes, I use them to serve food, I have one that I keep just for special occasions, but the others get used.

Stella Jones said...

That's a fine example of an embroidered cloth Jo. Truly beautiful.

Happy Mothers' day to you.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

beautiful work. Whenever I see things like that at garage sales I wonder at all the love and time put into such things, so be cast aside for a dollar or even a quarter sometimes. Then I remember my mum and my dad embroidering in the evenings by the fire. Great memories. They always had some hand craft going.I did too for a long time.