Friday, May 16, 2014

Color Comes To Town

The Perennials have been slow to return, after the late freeze in April.
Better late than never.
The Goldfinches will soon be devouring the seeds of this Tickseed.
It makes happy little birds.


Window boxes have been planted.
Mama's flowers (small bearded penstemon) are happy in their new spot.

Heirloom Iris the Tennessee State Flower

Fetthemme Sedum  lived happily in the pot all winter.

It's lovely to see color returning to the garden.


Willow said...

Gorgeous !
And look at that in addition to sharing our love of flowers ~ we have the exact same wooden garden fence . Great minds think alike :)

Sami said...

As usual, I am enriched by the beautiful photos and soothed by the music. This is the only site where I allow the music to play. It takes me away.

Kay said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the fences too.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh my ...your heirloom iris is breathtaking!

Marielle Collins said...

Your iris is georgeous ...

DJan said...

Glad to see they are finally coming back, even with the late freeze. Lovely pictures. :-)

Terry said...

Oh Jo, how lovely!

Patsy said...

They are so lovely and guess they liked all of that rain----now let the sun-shine and it is going to get hot.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing your most beautimous flowers!
Your photos...stunning as always!